Farm Fresh, All-Natural Locally Grown Heritage Beef

If you’ve ever driven down Ninth District Road in Somers, you probably have seen our distinctive Belted Galloway cows grazing the fields. This heritage breed beef cattle offers many advantages over traditional ¬†beef ¬†breeds – most importantly it is lower in fat, has a higher percentage of the natural tenderness gene and is well known for it’s marbling.

Our beef cattle are all-natural and spend their lives grazing our fields and soaking up the sun. Typically two months before harvest their diets are supplemented with grain to give our beef it’s signature marbling and enhanced flavor.

We sell our beef by individual cuts as well as by the quarter, halves and whole sides. Check our our current price list below and contact us today for more information. We sell our meat here at the farm by appointment all year, during berry season and the fall season at the General Store and also at our monthly “Flash Markets” November-May.

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